Ossicular Chain Dysfunction

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OSSICULAR CHAIN DISARTICULATION WHAT IS OSSICULAR CHAIN DISARTICULATION? Ossicles (middle ear bones) separating due to partial or complete fracture of the malleus, incus, and/or stapes. Ossicular chain is broken! SIGNS & SYMPTOMS: sudden conductive hearing loss possibly dizziness and balance problems in severe cases, headaches Otoscopy may show hemotympanum and ear canal abrasions Tympanic membrane may be perforated CAUSES: Chronic otitis media fracture in the temporal - the bones at the base or side of the skull cholesteatoma: benign tumor caused by the accumulation of protein and skill cells behind the eardrum congenital ear malformation: the ossicular bones are not properly formed LEVEL OF CONDUCTIVE HEARING LOSS: with perforated TM →

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