Yo Ho Sebastian Monologue

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This water is too salty For me to even drink I'd rather walk the dreaded plank Than stay another week But it's you my love, you're my land ahoy And I'm sick of being beaten And whipped and lashed to death I want one night with no gang rape But I won't hold my breath But it's you my love, you're my land ahoy Yeah, you're my boy Yo Ho Sebastian Lets go far away Somewhere, where the captain won't be mad Yo Ho Sebastian I wanna love you good And we deserve much better than we've had They say they're gonna kill me If I look at you once more Pissed in my hammock yesterday So I'll sleep on the floor I'd be under the sea, but you hold me above And they put glass in my sandals So my feet would bleed all day And they forced me to wear them Or

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