Tituba Monologues

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Shh Shh!! All of us sit in a circle in front of the mantle in Abigail Williams house. Tituba her slave from Barbados is about to tell us yet another story of her magical experimentations. We live in Salem which is a small village in Massachusetts. The laws here are very stringent and all villagers must follow a strict code. All of us girls have dress codes which me must obey or become known as a sinner and go to Hell. Tituba begins her story we all listen attentively eyes widened as she reaches the climax of this enchanting tale. We must stop the story before it concludes because if our parents come home to find us gathered like we are. We mustn't be caught letting these sinful stories invade our minds and souls they'll think we've been…show more content…
I look inside the cauldron stands a live chicken. Tituba then gestures two of the other girls toward a tub of water. They hoist the tub of water up from the ground and pour it into the cauldron directly on top of the chicken. The chicken springs from the cauldron at that very second titubas hands fly into the air as she clamps her hand around the chickens neck and slings it back down into the pot. She clenches her fist tightly as she hold the chicken under water. Would someone like to help me Tituba asks Abigail Williams is the first to volunteer Tituba presents her with the task of holding the chicken under the water while she lights the brush underneath the cauldron. The water in the cauldron is splashing as the chicken is thrashing around in it. Abigail is getting soaked by the water coming from the cauldron. It splashes and splashes and splashes until the water calms and their is no more splashing. Tituba has lit the fire below. Out of nowhere I notice that Abigail is slipping of her dress we all stare in disbelief. She turns to the group and silently looks then says what we're all girls here and nobody's gonna be out here this early I the morning it's no big deal. Come one do it with
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