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Sometimes the world can be transformed by the smallest things. The story Titanium by Primo Levi, is about a little girl that is watching a man paint her house. As she is watching the painter she starts asking questions about the paint. The little girl gets so inquisitive when she sees a small pot of paint and she starts thinking how come something so small can cover all that big space. While the painter was doing his job, he saw the little girl approaching the wall to touch the paint he instinctively grabbed a charcoal from his pocket and he drew a circle around the little girl. The man left the little girl inside the circle and continued to do his job, but the she was so intrigue that she started thinking that what she was experiencing was something magical. Then she touched the circle and erased a little part of it, but yet she decided to stay in the circle and wait for the man to let her…show more content…
When Maria asked the man why was the paint white he told her that it was because of an element named titanium. This was so mind blowing to her that she thought it was something magical. When Maria wanted to touch the paint the man put her in a circle. Maria saw this transformation as something magical which she did not know anything about it. She remained in the circle until the man let her out. Why Maria waited for the man released her from the circle? Maybe this might mean that she was so intrigue about the paint that she did not want to upset the man and that later he would not explain or give more details about the paint. She saw the circle as an enchantment, therefore this might mean that she saw the painter as some type of wizard. This transformation that she experienced was all new to her but now she knows that change is possible. Also maybe she did not want to leave the circle because she saw the circle as a symbol of control and she knew that she was not in

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