Personal Narrative: The Greatest Generation

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I Believe What are you offended by? My generation’s answer would be everything. In the 1940’s the generation that lived during that time was nicknamed “The Greatest Generation” for good reason. That generation took down three super powers that were the most technologically advanced and determined empires the world has ever seen. The world plunged into chaos and darkness by evil that my sheltered generation cannot fathom. That generation won that war, a war I am not sure our generation could beat. The generation that I live in is the weakest and most sensitive generation the world has ever seen. Moving forward to the generation that endured Vietnam, they were the first to start the big protests America has seen so much of. This generation, I believe, started the softness that has swept America. Now, I cannot even skin a deer without someone being grossed out, or offended in some way. In my opinion this generation should be called the offended generation since everyone is so afraid of hurting others feelings.…show more content…
I ask them why and the answer I usually get is because it costs money to go to war. Since when do liberals not want to spend money? The nations debt sure does not reflect that they have a problem spending money. I guess it is because war is bad and gross. What else is bad and gross is the theft, rape, murder, and torture these poor people whose views are not the same as Isis receive. You know what other group did the exact same thing for the exact same reason? Nazis. I know Isis is nowhere near as powerful as that military force, however, they are still powerful and they are giving no regard for human

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