How Are Antigone And Meg Murry Alike

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It has been said that characters from books have similarities in their personality. This statement is possibly for most characters ; one pair is Antigone and Meg Murry. They are not only women from books but, they way they both are portrayed is very similar. There personalities are consist of having passion for their family, determination, and how unique they are. Antigone and Meg Murry are not only heros to their brothers, but the passion they have to save their siblings shows how much they cherish their family. Antigone is so compassionate about her brother that the words from the king would not hold her back from burying her brother the proper way. Her love for her family was so strong even knowing that she might be killed . You can see that she was dismayed after she talked to Ismene about burying her brother. This is because, Ismene did not want to disobey the king…show more content…
Well the answer is they both possess the gift of determination. Thier stories proved that without determination they would not have been able to achieve their goal. They might not even have had stories, because their determination was what made up the story . In Meg Murry’s story she strives to get her family back together. Throughout the story she had to save her father from the force IT and then she eventually had to save Charles Wallace her brother. Without her determination both her and her dad would have still been with IT and her family would have been separated forever. By reading the book you can identify that her determination grew stronger every page of the book. In this quote you can see that Meg was not going to give up on her family. 1. Even though IT was almost fully manipulating Meg she confronted IT knowing that she could easily be controlled. She was wrong at the end though. Her determination stopped IT from getting to her. This led to her solution on getting rid of

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