They Re Made Out Of Meat Analysis

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“What am I reading” was the first thing that came to my mind, even though it was very strange i couldn’t take my eye’s off of it. It was very confusing on what the story was about until you finally realized who was made out of meat. In this short story by Terry Bisson, it consists entirely of a dialogue between two characters, in the beginning it starts off being really strange but as you keep reading it you start to understand what they are talking about. Terry Bisson puts a little twist on the story “They’re made out of meat”, The story has multiple point of views, so everyone has a different opinion on it. In the Story “They’re made out of meat” it shows somewhat of a communication between humans and aliens unless you see it from a different point of view. This story is original and entertaining because the author chose to focus on different literary items to let the reader experience a whole different perspective. The major literary item of “They’re made out of meat” is the point of view, because without the point of view the story would lack its beguile and its originality. “They’re made out of meat” is a…show more content…
The point of view in this story is the attitude that the narrator has with the connection to this story.The narrators in “they’re made out of meat” have their own opinion about humans based on their own history of growing up as an alien and developing beliefs from their cultural elements. The author also used point of view for a literacy tool to, in the sense to persuade the reader to see through what the aliens said. In their conversation one alien explains to other the unique makeup of humans that they have examined “ Your not understanding are you? You're refusing to deal with what i am telling you, The brain does the thinking, the meat.” (Bisson). The use of point of view in this story is

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