Compare And Contrast Tarsus And Martin Luther King

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Advocating For and Against Christianity through History Christianity has grown to become the biggest religion in the world but while the religion has experience immense growth in the past, scholars is also closely investigating its creation and important events and figures. Two important people accounted for in Christianity are Paul of tarsus and Martin Luther King who both played a huge role towards spreading the spreading Christianity but did it in two very different ways. Both the individuals are similar as they both worked hard towards spreading Christianity but the two individual differ in most aspect of their approach and life. Paul of tarsus is recorded in the bible as being a persecutor of Christians and had worked very hard to capture and imprison people attempting to follow the Christian faith. He has been recorded in the bible on several occasions playing…show more content…
He was blinded by the light and given instruction to follow if he was to regain his sight which he followed and regained his sight. His transformation occurred at that moment when he dedicated the remaining of his life towards advocating for the religion. He is also accredited for being the biggest contributor towards spreading Christianity since he was a well-known persecutor of the religion and his vision helped convince more people to following the religion (Wayment). Martin Luther Kings was also another well documented and known Christian advocate but his account are not included to the gospels but documented on many book written after him. Luther preached Christianity during a time when slavery had only recently been abolished leading to serious racial conflicts between the white and blocks. He used this opportunity to spread the word of god which allows him to gather the masses in large numbers with the objective of using Christianity to advocate for equality

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