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Theobald Wolfe Tone once stated, “If you join us, we re ready to embrace you; if you will not, shame and discomfort await you.” Wolfe Tone was a leading Irish revolutionary figure and one of the establishing members of the United Irishmen. Wolfe is also regarded as the father of the Irish republicanism. Tone’s family was descended from a French Protestant family who fled to England to escape a religious persecution in the 16th century. Tone studied law at Trinity College in Dublin and had initially planned to enlist as a solider but applied to late in the year. He then went on to publish An Argument on Behalf of the Catholics of Ireland. This argument was aimed to originally unite the Roman Catholics and Protestants together with the view to obtain liberal measures of parliamentary reform. It was a pamphlet directed at the Protestants and even further…show more content…
This expresses a historical example of the French Revolution. It also expressed the power that was deprived from citizens at odds with principles of liberty and the rights of man. Fourthly, Wolfe Tone expresses his concerns when he articulates, “Fed with the fame food, hurt by the fame weapons, healed by the fame means, warmed and cooled by the fame fummer and winter, as a Proteftant is.” Wolfe Tone expresses again and again that unity is what he wants. He wanted to be ideal and was desperate for help when he went to the United Irish army for help. This is a point of interest because the rebels were fighting for themselves even when Wolfe Tone wanted to help every side equally. This quote expresses the concern of what Wolfe Tone wanted, and what actually

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