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Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure is a play of lust, hypocrisy, unjust laws, and religion. Most of the problems that arose in Vienna were because of the sexual desire the people had. The Duke realized that and knew he had to do something about it. Thus, he put in charge Angelo who is all about rules. One of the first problems that started because of sexual desire was the closing down of Mistress Overdone’s brothel (whorehouse). This drove Mistress Overdone to reopen her whorehouse and call it a day spa. Mistress Overdone knew she made a lot of money off of selling her and her girls bodies because that’s what men want. Her reopening it did end up causing problems with Froth and Pompey. Pompey got in trouble for being a bawd (a pimp daddy) and that happened twice. Another problem that was caused based off of sexual desire, and one of the biggest problems of the play is the fact that Claudio got his adopted cousin Juliet pregnant. And as soon as Angelo started ruling he was sure to punish Claudio about it. Claudio and Juliet love each other but can’t get married because of the way their family tree is set up. Angelo plans for Claudio to be beheaded and this leads to the next problem about sexual desire. Angelo meets his sister Isabella who is going out of her way to make Angelo change his mind about beheading…show more content…
Angelo said it himself nobody is gonna believe you because I’m the Duke right now you’re just going to come off mental. It was a good thing him and Isabella did not have sex because he still planned to behead Claudio the same day just a couple of hours later. It’s a good thing the Duke was in disguise the whole time and knew what was going on in Vienna because otherwise Isabella would’ve went to jail, and Claudio would have been beheaded. It’s not a good thing that the Duke left though because that’s the reason all of these problems

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