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Urgent Care Centers Delea Clements Business Communication The growth of outpatient services has significantly increased by 30 percent. In the United States there are approximately 5,800 registered acute care hospitals. During the past decade outpatient services known as retail urgent clinics, mini clinics or urgent care centers. Currently there are 34 urgent care centers in the Indianapolis area and around 76 percent of them are open seven days a week. Urgent care is one of the fastest growing fields in healthcare today because these facilities are convenient, safer and more cost effective. Urgent care centers today are booming with an estimated three million patients visit them each week (Galewitz, 2012). When urgent care centers…show more content…
To avoid from this patients go to an urgent care center. When a patient comes to an urgent care center rather than a hospital, this is because an individual is less likely to become in contact with a borne pathogen. Seeing how urgent care centers are less crowded than hospitals where everyone is. This instance makes urgent care centers outweigh their competition. Free standing hospitals see a higher level of acuity than urgent care centers. There are several advantages also for these employees or nurses who work for Urgent care…show more content…
At the same time, urgent care centers are steering patients away from costly emergency department visits. Urgent care center visits generally cost less than emergency department visits, though compared to primary care office visits they are around the same. Urgent care is a much more cost effective option than the emergency department in most cases. The lower cost has also drawn the attention of insurers, with an estimated 35 percent of patients are on Medicare. Urgent care centers are quickly emerging as a popular, cost effective alternative to the emergency department (Macdonald, 2013), somewhere between 30 percent to 40 percent of patients who go to ER’s at the hospital could be treated very easily in an urgent care

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