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December, 26, 2015 A Quincenera is a very special day for Latina girls because it’s a celebration of a girl's 15th birthday, marking her transition from childhood to maturity. Quincenera take a long time and effort to plan it’s not just a oh let’s have a party this Saturday.. No! Some Quincenera are planned a year before especially if you are celebrating your 15 in another State, like mine. A Quincenera consists of first attending Mass and giving the Lord thanks for him letting you reach your 15 years of age not only do we attend Mass to give the Lord thanks but also to reflect and look back at who we have become, that day the priest will give you some really good advice on how to continue your journey throughout you life so you can become a better women. In order for my sister and me to have our Quincenera in Mexico we had to start off with us traveling to El Sauz, Zimapan, Hidalgo,Mexico, we had to be there at least a month to learn our…show more content…
Once we got to Mexico we had to tell all our chambelanes, when the first waltz practice would be and where. We had practice every day so that the day my Quincenera came we would have all the steps down and nobody would screw up. As the days got closer I was getting more and more excited except my sister she was nervous, scared, and wanting to not have a Quincenera anymore. Finally December 26, 2015 came the day of my 15, I had to get up at 6 am because the lady that would be doing our makeup and hair would arrive at 7, once she arrived, she asked us who wanted to get ready first, I immediately said that I wanted to because I knew I would be getting stressed out. When she was done doing my makeup and hair, my mom told me to go to the room so she could start helping me put my dress on when I was all done I felt like a total princess,

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