The Wild West Egg Analysis

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The west egg was a hot spot for many during the summer of 1922.Infact many called it the Wild West Egg,after all, it was a place where the unexpected occurred on a regular basis.How can one forget the endless summer nights where we were serenaded by grand affluence of wealth and ostentation: sweet sounding singers, melodic musicians, upstage face stretchers, desperate Forty-Niners, gifted golfers;I mean who wasn't there ?The verandas,halls ,saloons would swell with new arrivals by the minute , encapsulating/ us with crowds of people all dolled up ,some with haircuts meant to menace their mothers, others with perfectly cut hair from the salon.The chatter was merry; casual bull sessions, gushing compliments, hushed flirting and laughter echoing…show more content…
Sure,we’ve been to his parties but was he really a german spy during the war ?, Did he kill a man once? Was he in the American Army.? We dont know if those rumors are true in its entirety or just false misconceptions.Were the parties just a distraction to hide who he really was ?Was it just a fake persona so people dont ask him questions about the unclear origins of his wealth ? Or was he hoping to bump into his old sweetheart ?WAS IT ALLL A FACADE ? All those are just simple speculations that have been going through our head after we heard this outrageous claim.Now we dont want to be ones to talk ill of the dead.But we are starting to believe that the hysterical detective might have a point and you’ll agree with us too after you hear this.Remember when Jay Gatsby’s legendary parties just shut down and he fired all his staff?I do ,speculations ran wildly everywhere; was gatsby dying? was he a dew dropper ? did the mazuma’s finally stop rolling in ?.We do know a mysterious car entered the gates of Gatsby’s mansion and stayed for a few hours every day but no one assumed he could be having a lady over . Now, why does this mean Daisy killed Myrtle ? While the witnesses did identify the car as being Gatsby’s we all automatically assumed he was driving the car.I mean ,who would let ….. custom car like that out of their sight! Although Gatsby might have been in the car he surely wasn’t the one driving

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