Susan Griffin's Our Secret

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Secrets lie within every individual. From us as kids, it all starts in our earliest years of life. We all learn how to bury secrets in our heart and protect them as if they were like “like [a] stone in a cherry”. We never show affection towards “Our Secrets” because the revealing will become more of a problem. Secrets usually are true statements or ideals. “But are the dangerous?’ We all want the utopian lifestyle and try to escape living uncomfortably. But the truth has the authority to set people free, change lives and possibly end them. In Susan Griffin's "Our Secret," she discovers the hidden, targeting mainly at the obscure secrets that lie in the depth of the human heart. Griffin states that the darkest secrets of every individual are comparable in the logic that these secrets are corrupt and biased thoughts. Secrets we shadow make us the person we grow to be in the future. We have to make an image of something we’re not. Secrets either cause a worthy or ruthless effect on the human-being existence.…show more content…
We ask questions but “certain ones are never answered” (233). Laura, named by the narrator, encountered these problems. Laura states proper language wasn’t possible in her home according to her father’s career and also it was during wartime. Griffin marks, “...nuclear missiles standing just blocks from where she lived…her father never spoke about them.” (233). This family’s secrets exaggerated this girl’s childhood theatrically to the point where usual, casual discussion was unusual for her as an adult. Consequently, the family ended up keeping secrets from themselves about who they really were. A close family connection could not have been potential under those

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