The Veldt Literary Analysis

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The more technology, the more lack of satisfaction. In the short story, “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury, when two parents get a unique home and nursery, they are thrilled by the thought of not needing to perform/execute duties on their own. However, there were abuses and mistreatment of technology; instead of bettering a realistic family element, technology took over. First, the kids threw a massive rant when they were informed that all the mechanical machines in their house were being shut down. Since life was so easy for them due to the mechanical machines completing every duty, their way of life was wrecked. When the father jeopardized the Nursery and continued to shut down the house, the kids started portraying extremely rude comments. They insist demanding comments to their dad like “Oh, I hate you!”(9) and “I wish you were dead!”(9) Obviously, since the kids and parents had lost the family aspect due to technology, they have forgotten the method of communicating.…show more content…
A majority of the interactions between the kids and parents were threats or planned crying periods in order to assure what they desire- they were manipulative and single minded. The father ended the conversation by saying, “We were for a long while. Now we’re going to really start living. Instead of being handled and massaged, we’re going to live.”(9) The parents failed in the past as to raising a everyday family with everyday tasks-it’s almost as if the children are hypnotized. The kids are completely clueless when it comes to real life, and completely devastated when it comes to the technology being shut off. When the electronics are powered off, they are living in a “mechanical cemetery.” When the idea of shutting the house down is conferred, the kids reply with, “You mean you want to fry my eggs for me? And darn my socks? And sweep the

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