The Transformation Of Santiago In Shakespeare's The Alchemist

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Santiago undergoes many changes while going on his tedious adventure. He becomes more aware of the world around him and transforms from a shepherd boy to a rich, wise, and mature young man by the end of his adventure. He connects with the Alchemist and learns his true Personal Legend while learning other lessons along the way as he is exposed to situations he has never been exposed to before. In the beginning of The Alchemist, Santiago is introduced as a young shepherd, devoted to his flock of sheep. He thought his purpose was to travel the world. “The jacket had a purpose, and so did the boy. His purpose in life was to travel, and, after two years of walking the Andalusian terrain, he knew all the cities of the region. Page. 10” Santiago doesn’t realize that there is more to the world until he has a reoccurring dream that inspires him to follow to find treasure hidden within the Pyramids of Egypt, but he does not trust himself to take action. “I dreamed that I was in a field with my sheep, when a child appeared and started playing…show more content…
“The boy picked up Urim and Thummim, and, once again, had the strange sensation that the old king was nearby. He had worked hard for a year, and the omens were that it was time to go. Page. 64” Santiago learns to trust his own judgement. “He was more confident in himself, though, and felt as though he could conquer the world. Page. 70” Santiago changes from not trusting himself to becoming more confident than he has very been before. He knows it is time to start his journey, and feels confident in doing so. The king has become a symbol of his adventure and the reward at the end, while making him feel that the adventure is worth the risk and the severe inconvenience. As he begins to travel the Sahara, he realizes his self-worth more and more and begins to put more faith in himself and his own judgement against the

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