Nefertiti Influence On Egypt

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ssibly the most influential Egyptian woman, Nefertiti, married into royalty at the age of 15. Her reign as queen is a mysterious one, she broke several cultural norms, and refused to be viewed as anything but an equal to men. She First appearing in hieroglyphs in the city of Thebes, Nefertiti (meaning "the beautiful one has come") was a very independent queen. She is depicted taking on some roles that were traditionally done by pharaohs. She could be seen taking part in religious activities, as well as crushing enemies while wearing the pharaohs crown. Her husband, Amenhotep, also thought it important that she be viewed as an equal, and went to great lengths to show that, including signing her name directly next to his, which was huge at the time. As you could assume by her very different approach, Egypt underwent several big changes under her reign, including worshipping a new god- Aten. Nefertiti and Amenhotep (Nefertiti's husband) were so intent on promoting this new worship, that they both changed their names. Nefertiti to Neferneferuaten- Nefertiti (meaning the Aten is radiant of radiance because the beautiful one has come) and Amnehotep to Akhenaten. Many opposed this new religion, but there were also many supporters of this cult, which lead to much controversy in Egypt.…show more content…
Nefertiti gave birth to six daughters, Meritaten, Meketaten, Ankhesenpaaten, Neferneferuaten Tasherit, Nefernefure, and Setepenre. She is often shown with her daughters. She also seemed to be her husbands favorite wife, openly giving her and their daughters open affection, which was quite rare at that time. The family is often depicted

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