The Trail: A Fictional Narrative

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He proceed by backtracking to the fork in the trail he had encountered before. He walked up the trail, with a noticeable pep in his step. He now reached his destination, but something felt odd. Deep down in his gut, his instincts were telling him there was something wrong and that he should run away. It seemed as if everything in the forest had gone quiet. Suddenly, the silence was broken by the sound of leaves crunching and then a loud bang. Something went whizzing by the cub’s ear and the cub began racing down the trail. As confused and scared as he was, he continued running deeper into the forest. He couldn’t afford to look back so he just kept running and running. His heart was pounding and his legs were about to give out. He didn’t have time to think about where he was going or even in which direction he was headed. All he knew was that he had to keep moving forward. After running what seemed like miles, the cub completely collapsed. His tiny legs could no longer support him and they gave out. He face-planted and skidded to a stop. He laid there on the ground, motionless, waiting for something else to happen. But nothing did. The forest sprang back to life as…show more content…
Attached to it by a chain, was a large beehive. The cub recognized them because he encountered beehives before; his mother had taught him how they carried precious honey inside. Excitedly, he approached the pole and began trying to climb it. “This is quite strange,” he thought, “I’ve never seen a beehive like this before.” He swatted the hive and it began to buzz furiously. Bees began to pour out but the cub just swatted them out of the way. He started take the hive apart, but it would not detach from the pole. He managed to fit his small paw into the hive and took out a little bit of golden honey. He ate it right away, and it satisfied him greatly. Behind him, the forest became quiet again but the cub was to fixated on the beehive to care.

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