The Three Main Ideas In Amy Tan's Scarlet

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“Donald and Fiona are you biological parents.” The air left my lungs in a rush. “ And the sacrifice was you” (Preston 125). Scarlet cant remember anything from before she was 4, but the again what person remembers clear details from their childhood? Scarlet and Noah have been hitting it off through the school year, but Scarlet’s car accident changes everything. She starts remembering, and things start to fall together even though Scarlet’s life starts to fall apart. Throughout this journal there will be 3 main ideas expressed, Identity, Love, and Truth. Scarlet can’t seem to find her identity; she doesn’t know who she is anymore. After the accident, Scarlet starts having dreams about her childhood. “I imagined a broken link and fixed it in my head, hoping, praying that it’d somehow trick my mind into mending whatever went wrong after the accident” (Preston 114) I think Scarlet is lost because she just found out her family was part of a cult when she was 4. Scarlet want’s to delete her past, but now she feels like she has to redress it. Scarlet doesn’t know that Noah has been working with her biological parents and the trip they’re taking is her actual sacrifice. I…show more content…
Scarlet is lead into the idea that Noah is this perfect guy and they’re going to spend the rest of their lives together. “ Like how amazing you are and how much I love you” (Preston 162). If scarlet knew that Noah was lying to her she would feel so betrayed. Noah is leading her into a trap by taking her to Dublin Ireland for the weekend. Noah has actually been falling in love with Scarlet though too. I believe that Noah actually loves Scarlet, but also believes in a pure after life that is requires for her to be dead. I wonder if Noah will alienate from his family, or if he will actually follow through with the original plans. Scarlet has the weekend to figure out if she truly loves this boy, or if its all to good to be

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