The Crucible John Proctor Character Analysis

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John Proctor, an outspoken and dimensional character in The Crucible. Early in the play, when Reverend Parris is announced as the minister for Salem, John shows his resentment towards Parris' greedy attitude. We can observe this later on when Reverend Hale knocks on their door and asks them questions. "And yet, Mister, a Christian on Sabbath Day must be in church. Pause. Tell me—you have three children?", asked by Reverend Hale poses the potential for him to think that because Proctor has not attended chruch, that he is a witch. Proctor and Parris have a long-lasting conflict throughout the book due to their opinions of one another. Although at times Proctor shows anger, he also shows love and faithfulness to his wife, Elizabeth Proctor. After

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