The Speckled Band Summary

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Linda Garcia Kelley Per.5 Sherlock Holmes Study Guide The Speckled Band The women that came to consult Holmes and Watson had the voice of an old person. She was dressed in black. What makes Holmes think about offering her coffee was that she was shivering. What makes her look old is her gray hair. Helen Stoner tells Holmes that her stepfather went to India to marry her mother. He left because her mom died. Helens mom died and her stepfather changed by secluding himself. Helen hears the scream of a women. Her sisters last words were,"Oh my God! Helen! It was the band! The Speckled Band! She stays in Julia's room because where her room is there are repairs being done. What scared her was the thrill of that night. Dr. Raylott was in a weird costume.…show more content…
Holmes meets Ryder at the market. Ryder is the guy who stole the diamond. 14. Ryder stole it then went to his sisters house because he didn't know what to do with it. 15. The gem got in the gooses throat by Ryder shoving down its throat. The Adventure of the Copper Breeches The letter asks Holmes for some advice on taking a job or not. The gentlemen with Miss. Stoper has a smiley face and a heavy chin. When he's sees Miss. Hunter he is happy and excited. He offers her more money because he thinks she deserves it because she is a women. The odd request he makes is that she needs to do what his wife needs him to do. Her reply is that she would be happy to make herself useful. The offer the letter makes is. The conditions are that they meet up at the black swan hotel. The wife in the family she encounters is quiet. The son is small for his age and has a big head. She sees out the window because of a broken piece of glass. She sees a man standing on the road. The dogs job is to protect the property and it only gets feed once a day. She finds a coil of hair in her drawer. Miss. Hunter sees the broken window also. Mr. Rucastle reaction is calm and ok. Holmes explanation is that she was there to impersonate

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