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The Tempest, by William Shakespeare, is a complex play filled with conflict and intrigue, however it can best be summarized as a game of chess. The Tempest is a game of chess because Prospero manipulates other characters either to do his bidding and letting other people challenge him in his game. Prospero is a major manipulator throughout the play. He alters the perception of everyone in the play, except for perhaps Ariel. Through the magic that he uses, which is shown in pastel like light, to completely dominating Caliban’s reality by forcing him into complete enslavement. Magic is a very interesting thing that is used during the drama continually. Prospero has taught him magic from the his books, and shows it in many ways. For example,…show more content…
This dual personality or persona is clearly seen in the example concept for Ariel. The designer wanted him to be of the land, water, and air, just as his is shown in The Tempest. During act one, he reports back to Prospero the damage to the ship, then when he plays around with the marooned lords he is more of a tree or earth spirit, and finally when he is condemning them to their doom, he is a harpy-an air spirit. The only duality nature that the designer chose not to include, with the exception of the “regular humans” (without Prospero) was Caliban. The designer chose to give him a human form, yet a very twisted body. The duality is shown in the way he talks, much like everyone else, but the way he moves and carries himself is distinctly separate. Chess has an important meaning, however it is not only metaphorical. In the last act of the play, Prospero dramatically pulls back the curtain to his home and Ferdinand and Miranda are sitting there playing chess. One of the most important lines during this lovely game of chess is, Yes, for a score of kingdoms you should

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