Muscle Simulation Lab Report

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The metabolism simulation lab allowed groups to use a computer simulation to look at aerobic respiration and photosynthesis. Each group used either Microsoft paint, word, or excel to create charts and graphs to represent the metabolism simulation lab. Additionally, it allowed groups to look at the light intensity and quality in adenosine triphosphate. Our group created three tables on Microsoft excel. Of the three tables, the first table represented the ATP production in aerobic conditions related to percent food saturation for different ratios. Whereas, the second table showed a representation of how light quality influences ATP production. The last table, table three represented how light intensity influence ATP production. After all of the data for the tables were obtained, the group created graphs to represent the numbers. Introduction The biology lab metabolism simulation allowed groups to understand in depth the way oxidative respiration and photosynthesis work. Through the computer simulator groups were able to see a live process of how food saturation, light quality, and light intensity influences ATP production. This allowed groups to discover how computer simulators function and work. Moreover, each group saw influences and effects on ATP with different concentration, fermentation, light changes. The metabolism simulation…show more content…
This cd was necessary to complete the lab. Next, the group found an available computer desk to sit at. Then, we waited until the cell biology software cd loaded into the cd drive. While waiting, on my computer I opened up Microsoft word and a excel spread sheet. The group used the spreadsheet to obtain and record data. From the spread sheet we created graphs to represent aerobic respiration and photosynthesis. By that time my lab partner had begun to open up the oxidation respiration tab on the simulator and begun working. Thus, this concluded the procedures on the metabolism simulation

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