Bambangan Research Paper

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Bambangan Bambangan is a seasonal wild mango fruit which the local indigenous people will like to enjoy it. Bambangan is orange colour fruit covered with brown skin. It can be eaten similarly as the mango fruit. The specialty of bambangan is the variety of ways it can be consumed. It is either pickled or cooked with fish. Usually, the unripe bambangans are usually made into ‘pinasakkan’ (steamed) with fish while the ripe ones are fried with salted fish. There is a great change of taste when eating it with grated seeds. Bambangan is a seasonal fruit, we are not able to get it all year around, but when it is in season, we can found it in the local wet markets. Hinava Hinava is made of minced fish marinated with lime long to cook the fish. The citric acid kills the bacteria in the fish, and “cooking” it at the same time. Hinava is mixed with other ingredients such as grated bambangan seeds, onions or ginger among other things. Hinava is commonly available during some special celebrations. Because of the stock of ingredients, the hinava isn’t sold in the store, but if you’re lucky to visit Sabah on Kaamatan or participate in a Kadazan dusun celebration you might have the chance to try some hinava. Lihing…show more content…
Lihing is normally served as a drink during all special celebrations, it is also used for cooking especially to cook the “Sup Lihing” which is good for ladies in

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