Case Study: Enerflex Middle East

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Enerflex Middle East LTD. Enerflex MEA (Middle East & Africa), is a single source supplier of natural gas compression, processing, and power generation solutions. The corporate headquarters are in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our regional head office for Enerflex MEA is located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Enerflex was established in 1980, by P. John Aldred. Since then, Enerflex has grown to become the largest Canadian compressor supplier. Mr. Aldred’ s vison didn’t stop there, global was his aspiration for Enerflex. So in 1992, Gas Drive Systems Pty. Ltd. was established in Australia. More Canadian branches were opened, and in 2010, Toromont bought Enerflex for $670 million, what became the entrance of Enerflex into the USA. This is the current shape…show more content…
This acquisition supports the Company's strategy of being a global supplier of compression, processing and electric power solutions, after-market sales, and service and contract operations. It also increased Enerflex’s position with Operation & Maintenance projects. Axip already had O&M’s in Latin America and Asia. Here in our region we have 7, rental facilities with O&M contract attached are more common in this region than in North America. Although larger margins can be made in the EPC, these O&M’s are recurring revenue streams and keep the regional business going. Today this is the base of our business here in the…show more content…
Both had very similar outlooks/opinions of Enerflex MEA. There doesn’t seem to be a strategy. We have vast opportunities in this regions, but lack the leadership abilities to commit to going after them. Example; we have been trying to enter KSA for almost 5 years now. It’s not difficult to do, but we must commit and we are still not any closer to doing business in KSA as we were 5 years ago. So why every year is it one of our goals? I am often asked from my MD, about getting different results. I tell him, if we don’t make some changes, results will also not change. Enerflex MEA’s company structure is pretty standard, however I feel we have some gaps in it. As we enter the last level mentioned in the table above, we have an O&M manager for each country in which we have operations. I see that all of these managers have different levels of experience and different areas of expertise. One of my suggestions has been to add a regional O&M Manager just underneath the Director of Services. This will allow the regional O&M manager to focus on all the O&M projects and implement consistency, and report to the Director of

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