Summary Of Lemony Snicket's The Bad Beginning

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A Series Of Unfortunate Events The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket is about the Baudelaire children that lost their parents in a fire and now have to live with their cousin Count Olaf. Set in a busy city, the Baudelaire children would often go to the beach when it was dreary so fewer people will be there, but one day the tragedy had struck. Mr. Poe was walking down the beach with the terrible news that their parents had just perished in a fire. There is also a movie based on this book. Though the Baudelaire children went through some hard times, but they still stuck together no matter what and also before their parents died in the fire their dad use to say kept their chin up which meant to try to stay cheerful. In the story Bad…show more content…
Later that night Violet was thinking about her parents told her when Klaus was born, she always had to look out for her siblings, so tied the ugly clothes that Mrs. Poe had made them, now she had made a rope out of it and tied one end of it to a metal spider. She did that so she could go and rescue Sunny. Now she had a grappling hook. She threw her grappling hook to the tower 4 times and on the third try the grappling hook fell down and hit her shoulder and was gushing out blood, on the fourth time she heard a big Clang! Then started climbing the rope on the side of the tower. When she got there she saw her sister Sunny, but when she got in she saw that her grappling hook did not grab something It grabbed someone! The grappling hook grabbed unto count Olaf’s friend, the hook- handed man that stayed in the tower so now one could sneak up there and take Sunny. Now Violet was trapped in the tower with Sunny. The hook-handed man brought

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