The Secret Life Of Bees Book Report

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In the following review by Jeff Zaleski deems “The Secret Life of Bees” a charming coming-of-age story by saying “Honey-sweet but never cloying.” This means that it never became boring or it stayed the same throughout the story. This book by Sue Monk Kidd has won the 2004 Sense Book of the Year Award, then this book was made into a movie that won an Award-Winning Film Award. The book takes place mostly in Tiburon, South Carolina in 1964. Within this book is an emotional story line that wants you to keep reading. Throughout Kidd’s book there were many symbols that had an important meaning behind it. For example, bees played a massive role in this story. Every person in the novel could relate to one of the three versions of bees. For example, the worker bees would be August Boatwright, Lily Owens, Zachary Taylor, and Neil, August’s sisters boyfriend. Those characters are the only ones that routinely leave the bee hive. The next series of people, would be May who is August’s youngest sister and Rosaleen who is Lily’s caretaker who are the primary caregivers throughout the entire novel. The next category would contain only June Boatwright. She is the only one who fits the description of the final bee class.…show more content…
This quote represents a person or group of people that disbands from their original group. For example, when a wolf leaves its pack willingly or forced to leave it becomes an omega, but in the story Rosaleen and Lily are the omegas is the story because they leave their original home at T-Ray’s. I believe that Sue Monk Kidd put this in the story because it was to show that some people in the world belong somewhere

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