The Scarlet Ibis Literary Analysis

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“The Scarlet Ibis,” is an interesting story about two boys and their family. This story shows a lot about what someone would do just to have someone be proud of them, and it shows what someone would do so they won’t be embarrassed or laughed at. This story explains what people would do in situations, but it shows it in different perspectives. Comparing and contrasting of the two main characters in the story will help some people get a better understanding of the story. A scarlet Ibis, a bird that dies in the story represents the main character who you will find quite interesting through the full story. There are two brothers, the older one is just an average boy. The younger is different… The young one’s name is William Armstrong and he has physical problems. His legs were too weak to walk on. He crawled until his brother taught him how to walk. After the older brother seeing this, he started to call William, Doodle because he crawls like a doodlebug. Most of the time, the older brother always dragged him around in a go-cart his dad made for William. His problem was…show more content…
He’s tons more different in the interest of wanting to make Brother proud no matter how hard he had to try. Even if he came close to dying. Doodle was always curious and he tried to live life to the fullest as much as he could. Which wasn’t a lot due to his heart condition. He additionally did stuff his brother always told him to do. There’s one thing that stood out to me in this story. Doodle never wanted Brother to leave his side. Sadly when Doodle dies, Brother left him. Brother left him in the storm after working Doodle too hard in the rowboat and then tried making him run home. After all that Doodle’s heart had worked too much and he passed away. When Brother finally realizes what he has done he goes back, but when goes back, Doodle was laying there dead. Brother cried while holding him in his arms, hoping he would come back to life. Sorrowfully Doodle

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