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• The point the author made regarding the nature of creative achievement is the radiance of Roark’s work and how his work inspires others who see it. He strategizes and constructs his work with all his unique ability and heart. His works have more of a diverse structure than any of the other architects because he wants them to be accepted in the society. Roark’s work inspires the boy because the boy feels worthy about life and desires to write music again. If Roark gives advice to young people, he motivates them and gives them the ability to be free. However, Toohey will give an advice in a certain way to control them. This is the reason why Roark’s life of personal accomplishment has a benevolent impact on other men. He encourages without knowing it. Unlike Toohey, Roark never wants to control anyone. •…show more content…
His work are unique and inspire many people that they want him to design building for them even though he is not known as the best architect in New York. He doesn’t let anyone bring his confidence down because he has a strong passion and love for his work. Regarding society’s ultimate response to the great work of a creative genius, Ayn Rand shows that the society still want him to design their buildings even after other people trying to destroy him and bad things happening. • Wynand chose Roark from among all the architects of the country to design and build a fortress for Dominique because as Wynand travelled, every building he liked were made by Roark. This is fitting because they both are the same. They both have the come from the same background and beliefs. They both come from similar backgrounds and have the same views about many things. However, they use it in different ways. The essence of their bond is their same views and the fact that they both are in love

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