The Sandy Foundation Shaken: William Penn

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“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” said by William Penn, who is best known for being the founder of Pennsylvania. He was also the leader of the Quaker religious community. Because he came to America in 1684 and established Pennsylvania, people enjoyed their freedom and religion. Even though he got into trouble numerous times, William’s intentions are what finally made him a man of many beliefs. He was born on October 14, 1664. He was Raised into a wealthy family, because his father was the leader of the British navy. While William was growing up, England went through some very rough times, for example: King Charles I was executed, and later in 1660, King Charles II was crowned along with the monarchy being reestablished.…show more content…
Then after he practiced law in Ireland. Later he adapted to the Quakers in Ireland. Then, he and his friends that were attending in meeting at Cork, were arrested. He traveled with Josiah Coale, to America. Josiah discusses setting up a utopia in America with him. Eventually, William wrote his first pamphlet called, "Truth Exalted.” A year later he writes another pamphlet "The Sandy Foundation Shaken." He sent it to the Tower of London. “The Sandy Foundation” was written as a response to accusations of blasphemy by a dissenting minister, Thomas Vincent. But while in prison he wrote two pamphlets called: "No Cross, No Crown and Innocency with her Open Face", which is received by the king as satisfaction for "The Sandy Foundation Shaken." Afterwards Penn is released in July, 1669 after about eight months in the Tower. Then, in September he began courting Isaac Pennington’s step-daughter named Gulielma Springett. Eventually, William becomes known as a Quaker minister and…show more content…
After many people living in Pennsylvania and paying estimated around 100 pounds for 5,000 acres of land, years later Parliament passes the “Act of Toleration,” granting religious freedoms. As a result the Penn Charter School is placed in Philadelphia. Not to mention, Parliament also passed the Act of Toleration, supporting religious freedom in England. The William Penn Charter School is constructed in Philadelphia with information to educate all, and charge according to ability to pay. George Keith is the first

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