The Role Of Reputation In Beowulf

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Carmen Ramirez G Ms.De La Riva English 2 22 September,2015 "reputation" Reputation is probably one of the most important things in a persons life. A reputation may decide your whole life and decide how successful you may become because of what everyone looks at you like. People say others peoples comments can't affect your life but it actually does affect your lifestyle and the way you act .A reputation or how someone looks at you as is usually because of your actions,the way your speak,the way you dress or because of your family. Though to reputation many people fail or don't succeed in life because reputation affects you in many different ways.Reputation played a major role in Beowulf because of reputation beowulf was expected to do many…show more content…
When his around King Hrothgar he reveals more about himself.Beowulf then says the following he once killed a tribe of giants and has driven enemies away from his land. He already has a reputation which favors him but he wants to add more achievements that will be added to his name.According to the world of Beowulf a persons good name is his key to never dying because him nor his name will be forgotten and it is all that remains after a persons…show more content…
Some times I have had cousins do stuff but since they're known as the good person and I'm the bad one they believe them and I'm usually the one who has to take the blame. But a reputation can also help you in many ways for example your report card is a reputation that colleges use to view you or get to know more about you. If you have a good report card they will like you or accept you right away because of the things you have done in the past but if you have a bad reputation the best chance is that you will not be accepted or you will be will always be on

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