The Role Of Music In The Civil War

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The Music of the American Civil War The American Civil War was a time where music was limited but yet granted freedom beyond anyones minds. It was a time of self awareness and a way to express ourselves at one of our nations darkest time. During this difficult period we made many mistakes but yet made one step forward. Not all songs were about slavery some were made about love and hopes to see their families this not only goes towards soldiers but for nurses and doctors as well. Poems and other great works of literature were written. One example of how music was made during the Civil War was the battles the Union and the Confederate government. One artist that was know for making songs about the battles that occurred during…show more content…
Union boys will win the battles, Right away, come away, right away, come away." Neither of the soldiers' versions are well known today. It is Emmett's song, minus the dialect, that mostly is sung now. Civil War songs could he inspiring and invigorating, hut also entertaining and, at times, comical. Their influence on soldiers and civilians alike was often as powerful as rousing speeches, sermons or editorials and even today these songs and the artwork they inspired remain poignant legacies of our great national conflict. The greatest songwriter of the era was Stephen Foster, although his star was in decline by the time war broke out. "In any history of popular music in America his name leads all the rest," writes Sigmund Spaeth in his exploration of popular American music. Although Southern sentimentality tinges much of his work, Foster was a Pennsylvania native who spent little time below the Mason-Dixon Line. And he was initially so ashamed of what he called his "Ethiopian" songs that he allowed others to put their names on them — including the great minstrel E.P. Christy, who originally took credit for "Old Folks at

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