100 Days In Deadland Book Report

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I finished reading the book 100 Days in Deadland, and so far I have been intoxicated in the story. “I gripped the baseball bat and fell to my knees. The house was nothing but a charred framework and a pile of burning ash and blackened debris with still-glowing embers”(Aukes). I adore apocalypses, zombies, any genre of survival, last day on earth, around that sort because its so enticing, it could go several ways and always exciting. In this journal I shall be questioning, visualizing and predicting. Throughout the book I find myself questioning the story whilst reading, to try to find an answer to what I am reading. Such as how the Dogs burnt down the sheds where the tree main characters had been living in. I begin to question why they have done this. Is it because Clutch and Cash went…show more content…
She had been in jail for murdering the Dogs. “”There are zeds everywhere’” Nick said, putting his helmet back on. “I can’t believe it. Doyle attacked us. He really did.””(Aukes). Maybe that is why they took Clutch captive, so they could be able to bring Cash to them and put her away? While reading I can visualize the characters slaying the walkers, or better known as “zeds”. “They moved like zeds—zombies—clumsily and relentlessly.” (Aukes). Zeds were a term that the truckers and heavy-duty apocalypse ready people used. I can visualize several things throughout this story, the main characters killing the zeds, me in the apocalypse, and what the zeds look like. The first I can see is Cash and Clutch absolutely destroying the zeds. They don’t describe it in detail but I can still image what it looks like from watching several zombie based movies and shows. Most of the time they are using guns to kill them, like when Cash had to snipe a zed on the farm on her own one night. When they book says that Cash had to shoot a zed that night, it doesn’t describe it well enough to see it in your mind but I still can. Cash put up the rifle

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