Emotions In Dracula's 'Good Night'

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of offer. While reading this poem, I realised that literature had to entertain us and the most important part of this entertainment was played by emotions, as well. If there are no emotions felt by the reader, s/he does not get involved in the story and the conversation between him/her and the writer can not occur. There are several sorts of emotions that make us involed in the story of a novel. Here is an example of fear, through a quote from Bram Stoker's famous Dracula: “Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, and heard the Count's voice saying to me, "Good morning." I started, for it amazed me that I had not seen him, since the reflection of the glass covered the whole room behind me. In starting I had cut myself slightly, but did not notice…show more content…
Here, the reader associates with the main character, which is why s/he can feel his fear. But this extract also calls on the emotions we had lived, through our experiences. For example, someone who read Dracula at the time when I was first released, certainely did not felt the same emotions while reading it than someone who reads it now. The character became so famous throughout the years that everyone knows him: he is a vampire and he is dangerous. As a consequence, the reader expects him to jump on the other character at any time. This apprehension of the reader adds to his fear resulting from the novel. In fact, all novels demand an expectation from their readers. Either to match them or surprise them, if the reader gets involved enough to have expectations, the book will always respond with an emotion. If we take Agatha Christie's novels, any of them, we are very likely to end up surprised. Detective fictions build themselves on prospects of the reader in order to destroy them with a whole new turning point by the end of the story. I wonder however if those are the novels that actually touch our souls. Of course, human beings all have different sensitivities from one another, thus one book could be read and interpreted in several completely differents ways from on reader to another. However, if there is one thing inherent to all human beings since the dawn of times, it is the fear of death, either

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