Lightning Impact On Airplanes

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction Lightning is a natural electrical phenomenon, Attempts to understand the phenomena being the most spectacular to every man. Lightning being an intense power source (although of short duration), has the potential to cause significant damage to life and property. According to The star, Malaysians were unaware of this statistic – Malaysia has the third highest lightning activity in the world. Occurrence was higher during the inter-monsoon period in April, May, September and October[1]. US National Lightning Safety Institute records, Dr Mohd Zainal said, showed that Malaysia experienced an average of 180 to 260 thunderstorm days a year, after Indonesia (322) and Columbia (275 to 320)[2]. Lightning strikes can…show more content…
Strikes to airplanes are relatively common but rarely result in a significant impact to the continued safe operation of the airplane. Lightning protection is used on Boeing airplanes to avoid delays and interruptions as well as reduce the significance of the strike. To increase the effectiveness of repairs to damage caused by lightning, maintenance personnel must be familiar with lightning protection measures, proper inspection, and repair procedures. When commercial airplanes are struck by lightning, the result can range from no damage to serious damage that requires extensive repairs that can take the airplane out of service for an extended period of time. Having an understanding of the typical effects of lightning strikes and proper damage inspection procedures can prepare operators to act quickly when a lightning strike is reported to apply the most effective maintenance actions. The frequency of lightning strikes that an airplane experiences is affected by several factors, including the geographic area where the airplane operates and how often the airplane passes through

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