The Real Root Cause Of Crime Analysis

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How Parenting Can Create a Criminal Are people born criminals or are they unintentionally raised to be a criminal? Some may argue that criminals are born with the mindset of a criminal, although, it is much more likely that criminals are raised. Children are born without opinions and without a single opinion in the world. They grow up learning from their parent’s actions and behaviors and if a parent is absent from their child’s life, there is abuse in the family, a child is neglected, or parents are criminals; then a child is much more likely to become a criminal. Every child is born innocent and open minded; the behaviors they are exposed to as they are being raised is what determines what kind of person they will become. The love a mother…show more content…
A child can grow up to be very troubled without the love and support from one or both of their parents. Patrick F. Fagan’s, “The Real Root Causes of Violent Crime: The Breakdown of Marriage, Family, and Community” talks about how the lack of a mother and a father can harm a child’s well-being. According to Fagan, “if a child’s emotional attachment to his mother is disrupted during the first few years, permanent harm can be done to his capacity for emotional attachment to others” (Fagan, 1995). This statement is essentially saying that a child will have a hard time becoming close to anyone in their whole lives if their mother is not there in the early stages; causing them to have no respect to people whatsoever. Also, Fagan states that “the father contributes a sense of paternal authority and discipline which is conveyed through his involved presence” (1995). Discipline is a very important of a child growing up because without it, they will do whatever they please without a consequence in mind.…show more content…
Whether a child is seeing abuse happen between their parents or their parents are abusing them, they will most definitely be affected by the abuse. In Laurence Steinberg’s article “Youth Violence: Do Parents and Families Make a Difference?” he states “many young people who become involved in violence come from families in which there is a long history of domestic violence” (2000). Domestic violence shows children that the only way to deal with things is through violence. Fagan explains “famous studies of Harvard professors Sheldon and Eleanor Glueck in the 1950s found that one-third of delinquent boys in their sample came from homes with spouse abuse” (1995). Although parents may not be trying to make a scene in front of their children; they are, and because of it the children are learning that violence is okay. Fagan also shows a “1988 study of the 14 juveniles then condemned to death in the United States: 12 had been brutally abused, and 5 had been sodomized by relatives” (1995). When a child is abused at a young age they do not know how to deal with it; the only thing they know how to do is be violent. They take their anger out on the rest of the world because they do not have any other way of handling their problem. “The more frequent or intense the conflict, the more the child is hurt emotionally” (Fagan, 1995). Children are not fully developed and seeing their parent’s abuse or being abused themselves has a

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