The Pros And Consequences Of Brexit

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From the outset of the Brexit referendum, Brexit sparked immense political debate and interaction from society in general. Brexit, derived from ‘Britain’ and ‘exit’ was a major referendum hosted earlier this summer in the United Kingdom which sought the people’s voice in respect of whether Britain should remain or leave the European Union. From lower class council estates to more upmarket suburbs in West London, absolutely everybody had a different stance on this most provocative subject. The people have voted and indeed have spoken; with the leave side merely scraping over the half way line to secure an independent Britain. To quote Abraham Lincoln: “the ballot is stronger than the bullet” and ultimately Britain are left in a rather unstable position which has stunned the nation. This article aspires to reflect on a myriad of business law issues which England are currently facing and potentially face due…show more content…
Issues such as Britain’s future relationship and interaction with the EU would be taken into consideration. Britain must also consider the extent of trading and interaction they wish to have with the EU and may review other non-EU countries models such as those in Canada, Norway, Switzerland or Turkey or indeed the World Trade Organisation’s model. In essence, Brexit will have some serious consequences, both positive and negative on Britain in general, but in particular concerning business law. It will be without doubt immensely interesting to see the extent of these consequences on all legislation and overall how radical these will be. This article provides an insight into the numerous business law issues which remain to be decided; but there are indeed many other potential concerns ranging from procurement law to consumer law, from data protection law to insolvency law and lastly, from financial regulation to funds

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