The Pros And Cons Of The United States-Mexico Border

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Over time issues that involve the border of United States and Mexico have changed. For example, in the 1800s Mexico did not want the Americans to cross the border for many reasons such as they feared the Americans would not adapt to the Mexican culture. Now, Mexico wants to cross over the border for reasons such as hope to find better jobs. The Americans however, do not want immigrants to cross over because these immigrants take away job opportunities from U.S. citizens. As time has passed some of the viewpoints between the people of the United States and Mexico have switched. In the 1800s tension grew between the United States and Mexico revolving around the border. The United States insisted that Rio Grande formed the border. However, Mexico claimed the border lied along the Nueces River which is 150 miles farther north. During this time Mexico feared that as Americans crossed the border Mexico that they wouldn’t…show more content…
Mexico feels the border should be open for many reasons. One of these reasons include to be able to get away from the bad economy in Mexico. Another reason to find new job opportunities in the United States. Overall, the citizens of Mexico want the border to be open for a chance to start a better life in America. Present day America feels that the border between the United States and Mexico should be closed. One of the reasons America feels this way is because illegal immigration can have a negative impact on the United States. A way that illegal immigration can impact the U.S. negatively is they can take away jobs from U.S. citizens. Another way America views that this could have a negative impact is gun trafficking. In addition, American also was afraid that immigrants would not pay taxes. America believes the border should be closed because from there point of view that is what is best for their

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