Cause And Effect Of Japan's Attack On Pearl Harbor

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Pearl Harbor was one in many ways the saddest days the United States has ever faced. With thousands of casualties and many wounded. Why did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. Who was behind this tragic event. What was going on through their heads when planning this attack. Some questions that will help come to the conclusion is when did the battle of Pearl Harbor take place and how long did the attack last. The attack took place on December 7, 1941. At 6 a.m. the first Japanese attack wave of 183 planes took off but that wasn't all there was 6 carriers and 423 planes altogether. This attack lasted from 7:55 a.m. to approximately 10:00 a.m. Another question is How did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor. Each Japanese aircraft was holding machine…show more content…
This attack brought the United States into World War II. A couple reasons for this attack is Japan was at war with China at the time. Despite them being a military superpower, their war with China was using up all their resources. During that time, almost all of their resources especially oil were all coming from the United States. The United States didn’t approve of Japanese aggression in China so they declared an embargo on Japan. This means that the United States would stop supplying Japan with raw materials. So where would Japan get all of their resources to continue the war ? The Japanese High Command very carefully discussed this and came up with the conclusion that the Dutch East Indies would be a great place to gain resources. But they knew that a attack on the Dutch East Indies would most likely bring the United States into the war. So they had to find a way to prevent the United States from fighting with them until they had conquered the Dutch East Indies. That's when they planned the attack on Pearl Harbor. The goal of Pearl Harbor was to completely…show more content…
Some reasons are because the Japanese needed resources throughout the war with China and the United States did not want the Japanese to push through China so they created an embargo. This eventually made Japan mad and they decided to take out the United States Naval base so they can advance through war without them looking at every move and don’t have the United States trying to fight them. Pretty much this war was all about resources and fear of other countries. Last reason is because Japan was very afraid of the United States getting involved with their war plans with China this caused Japan to think of a plan on how they can eliminate the United States Naval base and go to war with China at the same time this is when they thought of Attacking Pearl Harbor to eliminate any naval ships from helping defend China and other countries involved so after a few days of thinking the Japanese sent ships to Attack Pearl Harbor. It went well for them but some naval ships were not in Pearl Harbor at the time and The United States fought back by dropping bombs on Japan this went exactly as planned for the United States but not for the Japanese. Overall the japanese lost a lot more people than the United States and this attack you can tell went a lot better in their heads then in reality. There are many ways this

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