Chevron Nigeria Case Study

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Evaluation of Market Strategy for Gas Assets In Nigeria: A Study Of Chevron 1. Introduction Nigeria is regarded as a gas-rich country as its gas reserves far outstrips its famed oil assets. This has led to targeted, cut-throat drive among multinationals already operating in the country to exploit gas assets in the country to its fullness. Although gas flaring and the uncertainty over the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) still persist due mainly to the lack of will and commitment to address age-long challenges, Nigeria’s gas potentials have only been marginally exploited. Oil majors, like Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL), the principal subsidiary of the global oil brand, are in the forefront of development of gas assets through their various fields. Chevron…show more content…
Recommend marketing strategic that assures assets optimization in the gas value chain Approach This project would adopt the exploratory approach to assess existing literature to generate insights and forecasts for Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL)’s gas marketing operations. This would ensure that available literature and insights from interviews on the organizational principles guarding operations are synthesized to develop a workable strategy for marketing the gas assets of the organization. Project Management Plan This project would run to provide external support to the Chevron team on generating evidence to guide planning and implementation of gas assets marketing. The consultancy would cover a review of the assets, their state and relevance to the gas value chain in the country and opportunities for scaling out. It would be coordinated by the external team and support from Chevron would come in form of provision of information and data on the organization’s operations. Deliverables and milestones Delivery targets for the project are outlined below: Milestone Deliverables Date Compete review of CNL’s gas assets Elementary appraisal of chevron gas facilities through review of organizations records

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