Hugo Denmarck Speech Giving Aid To The Poor Does Good

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Hugo DenMarck Speech Giving Aid To The poor Does Good I am honored to be here tonight and be a part of this debate standing here about to ready to say how proud and truly amazed I am by the job America has done to help the people in poverty. Growing up I was privilege to go through life without worrying when my next meal will be or when I can take a shower with warm water. As I got older I was tough that there were people even little children had to worry about these things and I always felt bad I felt like I needed to do something about it. As I entered junior high I began to do community service at soup kitchens and places to help the poor and it’s made me the happiest person on earth giving back to our community helping these people in need. There was a specific soup kitchen that I volunteered at every Friday afterschool and it shut down and I was very disappointed but what made me more anger is the reason why which was because the government didn’t want to put forward the money to help pay keep the kitchen open and the shelter that was affiliated with it. I wanted a change and we needed a change to help the poor because these are our Americans our citizens…show more content…
This decrease may seem small but it has done a major job this has inspired us to even help out the poor even more. We as a community are not only helping the poor when we give the time and the money into these facilities but we are helping us Americans look great were looked at as the country that won’t every quit until everyone is well. This place is our county in a spotlight that makes us great and make us America. We’re giving these people the second chance, the loving and the caring that they need. Justin Barcker speech Giving aid To the Poor does Harm than

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