The Pros And Cons Of Personality Disorder

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Bubbly, energetic, spry, social butterfly, happy. These terms describe personality. But those terms are all positive. What about cold, distant, insane, cynical, chronic liar and aggressive? While it is not common, there really are human beings whose personality are anchored in these traits and more. Although they are portrayed as inherently evil and criminals, they are victims of one simple nightmare. Personality disorders. A simple nightmare is quite an understatement. The word personality’s exact definition is “the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character.”. The attitude of a person is different than the personality of the person, say, a student seems to be cocky and arrogant, but really she has quite a low self-esteem. Personality is who you are, attitude depends on who you're with. Having an aloof attitude is different from being cold and distant always. Having a phobia is different than fearing everything in life. Having a personality disorder is not being mean to a specific crowd.…show more content…
The definition of personality disorder is “A deeply ingrained and maladaptive pattern of behavior of a specified kind, typically manifest by the time one reaches adolescence and causing long-term difficulties in personal relationships or in functioning in society.”. Here are the details behind paranoid, borderline, schizotypal, anankastic, and antisocial personality disorders. Each one a beast in its own right. Maybe you’ll find one that fits someone you know. Or one that fits

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