The Pros And Cons Of Pagans

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When presented with the word Pagan or Wiccan, what is the first speculation that pops in your head? By personal experience, people typically have negative thoughts about it without understanding the complete measure of this religion. Many people associate Pagans or Wiccans with worshiping Satan. When corrected about not worshiping Satan and told what Pagans real worships are, they are still seen as nefarious and heathen like, which is a direct synonym for Pagan. ( When asked about heaven or hell, Pagans are seen as godless for not having either in their religion. Pagans are just like every other religious worshiper, they just want to be able to express their religious freedom without judgment or being ridiculed for their beliefs.…show more content…
Many people see Pagans as godless when discovering that they do not believe in a good or a bad destination after death. Christians believe that if you are a good Christian you get rewarded by walking through the pearly gates of heaven, but if you do live a bad Christian life, you get sent to hell to be tortured till the end of days. Pagans are a little different with the idea of a reward system when it comes to being a good follower with religion. Pagans believe you are rewarded in life, when you are a good follower you are rewarded with good fortune of sorts, when you are a bad follower you are given bad fortune, or karma, this also comes back to the threefold law. (Carpenter). When it comes to an afterlife, though Pagans believe in reincarnation, they do not believe that your mistakes from this life follow you to the next, it is almost like you get a clean slate when you die instead of paying for the wrongs you have committed. (Beckett). When Paganism is brought into light many people will still have their misconceptions as everyone does about different things, but hopefully after reading this some of the evil thinking about this peaceful religion will

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