The Pros And Cons Of Lucas Height Reactors

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Why Lucas Height reactor should have been built? Lucas Height reactor was built in 1958 as it is the first and only nuclear reactor to be built in Australia. It’s located in New South Wales, south west of Sydney near Lucas Height Resource Recovery Park. The rector is built on safe and stable ground. It is surrounded by forests and near by creeks. The reactor can handle greater earthquakes than reinforce industrial buildings. There are number of reasons why the reactor should have been built as it used for many different useful purposes. The Lucas Height nuclear reactor doesn’t actually provide electricity but it provides medical isotopes for medical needs and irradiation services. As the nuclear reactor operates it doesn’t pollute the air with carbon-dioxide. These purposes could benefit us in a range of useful ways and this is why the reactor should have been built.…show more content…
These medical isotopes play a huge role in modern health medical treatments. More than 25% of the world is demanding for nuclear medicines. Nuclear medicines can be used for diagnosing patients by using radio tracers and radiopharmaceuticals. These medicines are used in patients by swallowing, inhale or injecting in to their bodies. These substances then allow to provide accurate information about their body and the functioning of their internal organs. Doctors also uses very small amount of nuclear medicine to examine the blood flow of a patient’s brain. The gamma radiation inside the medicine have sufficient enough amount of energy to escape the patient’s body, yet it have a short half-live for it to

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