The Pros And Cons Of JROTC

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Can JROTC help you survive Marine corps boot camp? Have you ever thought about joining the United States Marine core, but feel you don’t have what it takes for Bootcamp? Well that’s not surprising from all the military movies such as Full metal jacket, Jarhead and G.I Jane that highlight the brutal side of bootcamp. To some, boot camp is just waking up at the crack of dawn and being yelled at by drill sergeants. But in actuality boot camp teaches many core values similar to JROTC. In both JROTC and boot camp you will learn the core values of honor courage and commitment. Along with learning important leadership skills and how to work as a team you will also be learning, first aid which includes how to treat a victim in any emergency for example, broken bones, severe head injuries, open wounds, and heat cramps. Academic studies that involve American military traditions, customs, terms and courtesies. Not to…show more content…
Even though King had spend only a year and a half in ROTC he stated that everything he learned while in JROTC he applied during his time in boot camp, especially the time he spent after school in both drill team and raider's. During King described his three months of boot camp as a time filled with learning what honor, courage, discipline and commitment really meant plus some added pain. King also illustrated his time spent at bootcamp as an unforgettable experience, with people that not only become your teammates but also your family, that boot camp will make you hold yourself to a higher standard. As a final word of advice King mentioned that while in boot camp you should always stay motivated, by keeping your head up and giving 100% to everything you

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