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Cities are changing everyday due to planning. All across the world people are planning on building houses and industries are shooting up every second of the day. Each city across the world is growing rapidly due to planning but Adam (1992) asked the question “is it not then absurd that we let our cities grow without plan?”(p.157). People plan their city to suit themselves but maybe they should just let the city develop by itself. According to Adams (1992), Cities are planned in piecemeal fashion. I myself have witnessed how a city can change within a couple of years. I have visited Paris numerous times in the past few years, seeing changes each time. This shows evidence that Paris has not become the city it is today by itself, it was built…show more content…
The rich Italians built villas and town houses which seen cities expanding. This also shows that these type of people were wealthy and had to power in planning the modern city. As cities and architecture were developing, the villas and town houses were build more modern with a large square floor designed for the living area of the houses. This all reflects back to my point made that the architecture was only build by the wealthier and more powerful people. The interior expressed the wealth and power of the property owners. Just like Italy, the French seen a dramatic change in relation to their buildings. The French took the Italian style during the Renaissance period, the fine buildings were built in towns and cities across the French land. The Renaissance Architecture is most visible today in the French and Italian buildings. These sites are the most visited tourist attractions in today’s world. With the Catholic Church being the most powerful people in relation the architecture, another example from France is the Sainte-Chappelle. The interior is surreal and it is visible still in the modern

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