Short Story: The Heroes Who Saved No One

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The Heroes Who Saved No One Abi Call and Nicole Wordley Narrator (Nar.) Once Upon a time Sophie and Kelly were in their little hideout when they decided to go to the lab convention in In Denver Colorado. On the way there they were told to stay away from the lab because there was an evacuation. Instead of staying away from harm, they went inside the lab . . . a few seconds later . . . BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything was flying everywhere! Everything had gotten destroyed, that second they had arrived. The explosion blow up the whole lab and buried Kelly and Sophie underneath. They were nowhere to be seen. Wait! There was a movement under some scraps of metal. And out of the scraps came a mysterious creature. It vanished and reappeared 10 ft away and it did that…show more content…
¨We should go and find it.¨ exclaimed Sophie. ¨Yeah,” replied Kelly. They traveled deep into the forest and the creature was still nowhere to be seen. But then we heard a BOOM!!! ¨What was that?¨ Kelly said with worry in her voice. ¨Let’s see.¨ They followed the noise and there it was. The creature was trying to touch the water. Everytime it tried, there would be a mini explosion. But then it blew up and scurried away. ¨Kelly, it's Rubidium, we need to stop the creature because I don't think it knows about it's own abilities yet, and it won't stay that way for long.¨(Sophie) Kelly and Sophie began brainstorming. ¨How can we stop it? Hmmmm? ¨ They thought. ¨With enough water it’s completely capable of destroying the entire world!!¨ (Sophie) But then the creature looked over and realized that the girls were there. It came over and grabed Kelly and lebitatedc of the ground.. Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!¨ (Sophie) Sophie shape shifted into some sort a silvery liquid that was so hot when the creature touched her its leg burned off and dispersed into a million pieces! But then, the

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