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The Pony Express was a large set of young men traveling quickly on horse through miles of wilderness to deliver mail at a rapid rate. The idea of The Pony Express was so momentous during its creation and duration throughout its existence in the West. The imprint The Pony Express left on America was so substantial that is seemed as if it had lasted decades. However, this was not the case, The Pony Express had only lasted a mere nineteen months from April 3rd, 1860 to October 24th, 1861. The three very important men who created what we know today, The Pony Express are Alexander Majors, William H. Russell and William B. Waddell. Both the Pony Express riders and the Station workers experience a varying extreme spectrum of weather conditions and…show more content…
Mail delivery was still a dangerous task when out in the ocean. The government began to lose half a million dollars each year ,and this only allowed for slightly faster but still slow mail (8-10,19,21). The government disbanded the S.S California ,and was planning to find a faster and less expensive way to transport mail to the Pacific Coast. Woodward group of four left with the mail on mules ,and they never came back. Soon they were found killed by Native Americans ,and many newspapers wrote articles about the crew, which made if difficult for Woodward to hire a new crew. Soon after, he hired a new crew ,and he started to lose funds and stopped delivering mail. The government supplied him with subsidies and he bought new everything. The new service was much faster than on ship ,but the mail was still slow. The trail was then destroyed by confederates, forcing Woodward's groups the change their mail route to a much more dangerous but a historically know route. B.F. Ficklin had credit for conceiving the idea of transporting mail on horseback and even proposed a ten day plan the deliver mail that cost less than five hundred dollars per trip;however, the idea seemed foolish and it was then killed. Many historians believe that William Russell and many others created the idea;however, this was not important as William Russell need to rush his way in developing and setting up the Pony Express. Russell wanted a high social pedigree ,so he began to rise in the social ranks where he would meet some of his partners know as Alexander Majors and William Waddell. Russell began to acquire traits that will assist him in developing the Pony Express such as, book keeping, letter writing and bill collecting. Russell's friend William Waddell was added to the Pony Express and it was named Russell& Waddell ,and the government was offer an contract of grand proportions which they were unable to hand by

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