How Does Montresor Commit Murder

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In the story Cask of Amontillado, it begins by describing that Montresor has been seeking revenge towards Fortunato. Although it does not state why he is pursuing revenge, throughout the story there are many indications that Fortunato has provoked Montresor about not being part of the “Brotherhood.” Fortunato first doubts Montresor after he did a Mason gesture with the bottle and Montresor does not catch on. Fortunato then questions “You do not comprehend?” (Poe, 17) after Montresor indicated that he did not understand his gesture, Fortunato Insults him by implying “You? Impossible! A mason?” (Poe, 17) How could a person like Montresor possibly be a Mason? Making it seem like Montresor did not have high qualification of being part of the brotherhood. Fortunato, further provoked Montresor, leading himself into his own death. Holding the grudge towards Fortunato, only took the best out of Montresor. Leading Montresor to commit murder and lose his own humanity.…show more content…
He chose the perfect day. Because it was carnival season, Montresor sent his servants to the carnival while he took Fortunato to his vaults. In addition, Montresor also took advantage of Fortunato’s weakness and knowledge of elegant wines to lead him to his death. “Luchesi cannot tell Amontillado from Sherry” Said Fortunato. (Poe, 15) With Fortunato and his pride toward the understanding of the types of wine he accepted Montresor’s challenge to go with him into his vaults and taste the Amontillado. Montresor’s revenge goes to show that humanity is naturally spiteful. Montresor committed three of the seven deadly sins, showing wrath, pride and envy towards Fortunato. It appeared that Montresor was full of anger that he couldn’t be like Fortunato and had envied the respect Fortunato received from many

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