Argumentative Essay On Jury Duty

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“The U.S. Constitution simply assures American citizens a "right of trial by jury."” The very process in which a jury is selected, is referred to as voir dire and in some cases, can be agonizingly long, expensive, and produce unpredictable and at times, what can be interpreted as unfair verdicts. Whether the case presented to the jury is of a civil or criminal nature, there are preliminary questions that should be considered prior to a jury trial such as the type of questioning and selection system to be utilized. Not only do the attorneys have to be cognizant of the process itself, but also, the expense incurred concerning time and cost. Many have complained about being summoned for jury duty and the effects it has on their normal daily lives. Will those same individuals who were selected for jury duty be able to accurately understand and interpret the law in addition to applying the law to the facts of the case with the expected outcome of being able to deliver a fair and just verdict?…show more content…
Often a verdict is not delivered without difficulty particularly in a case involving complex terminology and circumstances. It could be difficult for a layperson to understand expert testimony and linked the information presented to an insanity defense. Again, time and cost can become an issue, which leaves some to wonder what the alternative(s) may

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